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Chillwave, Digital Comics, RasOm's Radio, NightShop - Offwhyte Cinematic S04E05
My Airplay on BBC Radio 1, B-boy Vlog, B-boying - Offwhyte Cinematic S04E04
Sacred Heart-Griffin Cyclones vs Rochester Rockets Football Mixtape - Offwhyte Cinematic S04E03
Chicago Bears Schedule - Offwhyte Cinematic S04E02
USC Trojans Football Schedule - Offwhyte Cinematic S04E01
My ASCAP Check, Transformers Comics - Offwhyte Cinematic S03E08
Will Clark, Rob Manfred Autographs, Mail Day - Offwhyte Cinematic S03E07
NFL Playoffs - Offwhyte Cinematic S03E05
Offwhyte® - Velociraptor (I'm a Dinosaur) Official Music Video
My PS2 and Games - Offwhyte Cinematic S03E04
Movie Collection Update (in 4K) - Offwhyte Cinematic S03E03
USC Trojans Football Schedule - Offwhyte Cinematic S03E02
Offwhyte - Sophie Turner (Official Music Video)
Chicago Bears Schedule - Offwhyte Cinematic S03E01
I Am Not a Virus (Official Music Video)
My Vintage Toys - Offwhyte Cinematic S02E09
MenuGem in Illinois Times and on WMAY
My Movie Collection - Offwhyte Cinematic S02E08
My Comic Book Collection - Offwhyte Cinematic S02E07
Rochester Rockets vs Sacred Heart-Griffin High School Football
Rochester Rockets Football - Offwhyte Cinematic S02E05
My Music Collection
Chicago Bears Schedule
USC Trojans Football Schedule
Offwhyte Flyers and Press
Offwhyte - The Dark Knight (Official Music Video + Narration)
Offwhyte - Batman Begins (Official Music Video + Narration)
ASMR The Planets
My Baseball Card Collection
NFL / College Football Playoff
Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Eternal
50 State Capitals of the United States ASMR Whispered
A Walk in the Woods - Nature Sounds
Offwhyte - Faction (Official Music Video)
Banksy in Los Angeles / Chicago
New Video Series: Offwhyte Cinematic

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Offwhyte - Propel Exact
Propel Exact
Release Date: 09-11-2020
Label: Galapagos4
Distributed by The Orchard Enterprises


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Offwhyte® (born Ryan Fernandez on August 22, 1977 in Pell City, Alabama) is an American rapper, vocalist, dancer, producer and videographer, known for a sound that is at once complex, intellectual, wholesome and true to the soul. He has released several projects under the hip-hop label Galapagos4, of which he is a founding member. Offwhyte has performed his unique brand of music everywhere throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan and has served as a vital curator of underground culture for the past two decades. Over that time he has garnered praise from the likes of Okayplayer, HipHopDX, Le Monde, The Chicago Tribune and Genius, has gained airplay on BBC's Radio 1 and has performed at such legendary venues as Chicago's Metro and Los Angeles' Low End Theory.
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Offwhyte® press
Offwhyte® press

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Offwhyte Illinois Times Cover Story

Offwhyte Illinois Times Cover Story

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Offwhyte on Asian America: The Ken Fong Podcast

Offwhyte on Asian America: The Ken Fong Podcast

Listen to Offwhyte on Asian America: The Ken Fong Podcast

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